Tuesday, January 19, 2010

X + Y = 0

I got to work early this morning (yay, meeting! That I didn't have to go to...) and consequently was able to leave slightly earlier than usual.

"Big deal!" You callously cry!

Well, to me, it was. My early morning meant I could go home, exercise, eat, and then head to the weekly trivia contest in Addison (which I have failed to attend for several weeks, now).

At least, that was the plan. Except something intervened. Something about which, I haven't told anyone. Here comes the confession:

I get Charley Horse. Real bad.

I know, I know, it's shocking, terrifying, even! Well, maybe not for you, dear reader, but it's annoying as heck the way it sneaks up on me and prevents me from completing my exercise regimen. And I have no idea what causes the pain. Is it lack of potassium, as one website claims? Poorly constructed shoes? An overall failure to supply myself with the necessary vitamins and minerals, not just potassium?

If I still wore heels to work every day, I could buy the "bad shoes" bit, but as it is, I wear nice comfortable flats or work boots to work, so traumatic injury by skyscraper heel isn't really up there on the list of culprits.

Anyone have any ideas why, oh why, my foot seizes up in an agony of pain whenever I point my toes and flex my calves simultaneously?


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