Sunday, January 31, 2010


After sending an email inquiry to my apartment location agent, I finally received my rebate for using their service. Part of me wonders if they don't intentionally wait until you request the money to send it to you, banking on the fact that their clients will have forgotten by the end of the 13 week period they require to send you your check.

Ahem. They took 24 weeks to get my check to me.

The check was stamped with Void After 60 Days, but that didn't matter much, because I cashed that baby ASAP.

And then spent part of it. On tax software. And a fire-proof lock-box in which to keep my renter's insurance policy and inventory. I also plan to photograph my apartment so I'll have visual proof of the inventory. Granted, I say I'm going to do it every year, but this year I actually took a step towards my goal by buying the lovely beige behemoth.

I ended up buying the smallest one, seeing as it was the only one I could lift by myself...

After purchasing my fire-box and my tax software, I returned home, where I downloaded the software and filed my tax return.

I had to pay the guv'mint some mo munney.

Alas, I owed them something on the order of $200. So, there went my apartment rebate check, and my dream of spending that rebate check on something fun. Like clothes, or... clothes.

Did I mention I'd wanted to use the rebate to buy some clothes?

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