Friday, March 23, 2012

A Surgical Patient, a Single Lady, and A Fashionista Walk Into a Bar...

I'll cut to the punch: they're all the same person.


I had surgery, this past Monday. In essence, the surgery wasn't particularly surgical: I had three needles inserted into my left posterior, one of which was electrified, and then had an injection of - er - something into my left piriformis muscle (it's beneath the gluteus maximus). I've had pain from my piriformis for a long time, mostly because it's wound tighter than a naval clock, and it's squeezing my sciatic nerve.

Fun, no?

Post-surgery, the BIL had to practically carry me into my apartment, because my left leg decided not to work for a while.

No big deal. I crawled around the apartment until my leg got back to business.

Problem: The Man of My Dreams suggested during Date #2, last night, that we go to a rather nice restaurant for Date #3, because I haven't been there, and it's been a few months since he's been, and damn a good steak will hit the spot.

I checked the prices on It will hit about 100 spots, per person.

I'm so glad I don't have to pay for anything when he takes me out.

The difficulty: I would normally wear a dress and heels. I haven't tried on any of my "nice" pants, but I'm pretty sure they're all too big. At present, I have three large, highly-visible bruises around my left knee, along with carpet-burn on both knees from crawling to the front door to lock it, then to the bathroom.

Yay, nylon carpet...

What's a girl to do?

I know: First World Problems.

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