Friday, July 23, 2010

Insert Curse Words Here

That's pretty much how my day is going, today.

Wednesday, I started feeling slightly icky, and today, that ickiness became unbearable. No, we're not talking "reason for having surgery" icky, we're talking "completely new kind of icky that probably requires a dose of antibiotics." After a quick confab with Dr. W's lovely nurse, she suggested I go to the nearest Doc-In-A-Box to get some antibiotics, because we want me to be all healthy and ick-free for my surgery, now scheduled for August 5.

August 5, people. If you need an address for sending flowers, just let me know.


It was the longest Doc-In-A-Box visit of my life, since I'm apparently a fascinating specimen with oodles and oodles of problems, any of which, honestly, could have presented symptoms similar to the ickiness now pervading. But I know ickiness from yuckiness, and this was definitely ickiness, so I convinced the doctor it was ickiness, that I know what I'm talking about, and he prescribed a couple of medicines to help make the icks go away.

My insurance rejected one of the medicines, because I had the same medicine prescribed and that prescription filled less than 25 days ago. Nevermind that my body has chosen to need the same effing medicine again (and that I'm allergic to its over-the-counter alternatives), my insurance company refuses to pay for any part of it. The crossed their arms, frowned, and turned their disapproving backs on me.

I went ahead and paid for the (generic) medicine, because I have to have it, regardless of whether my insurance wants to pay for it.

In other words, I was already in a bad mood when I arrived home and discovered that they had refused one of my claims for a CT Scan; or, rather, their third party consultant had refused one f my claims. Not both of them, mind you, just one.

Abdominal: okay, you can have that one.
Pelvic: Oh no. That's asking too much.

I was angry, I was furious, I started crying. Then I opened the rest of my mail.


Riddle me this, dear reader: What the... duck?

I called the "We're open 24/7 call us with questions" number on the second letter (the one authorizing both procedures) and the young lady on the phone said that one of them had been approved, but not both.

"Except I have a letter stating otherwise," I replied.
"I have no idea why we approved it, and then they denied the claim, and they're not open right now, but if you call back Monday, we can call to find out."

Yeah, I'm sure that will really help. So I'll call Dr. L's business office on Monday to see if they've received the same letter (they're supposed to) and then I'll call the bast... the not nice people who denied my claim.

Now I'm freaking out, because I'm scared to death that they're going to deny my surgery claim, and that I might have to pay more than the $1000 out of pocket that I've already paid because we have a ginormous deductible.

The surgery to take place on August 5. I like calla lilies.

Dr. W's nurse said their business office will begin the pre-approval process on Monday so I should be all set for August 5, and hopefully all will go well. My dad will be taking me to have surgery, and he will stay home with me all day Friday. If required, we will find someone to stay with me on Saturday, or at least to drop me lunch or something, depending on how my recovery is coming along.

On the upside, I've officially, according to a doctor's scale, lost 10 pounds, which is more than I'd wanted to lose (about 5 pounds), but I'm not going to complain.

Looking really hard for that silver lining, right now...

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