Sunday, July 18, 2010

Potential Resolution

Friday morning, I received a phone call from my doctor's (Dr. L) nurse. She had the results of my CT scan.

"Nothing showed up that could possibly be causing what you're experiencing, although we did find XXXXXX."

Huh. Okay. She continued, "We can book you for an appointment with one of the other surgeons in the practice if you'd like a second opinion, or you can discuss this with Dr. W (note: the doctor who referred me to Dr. L and who would typically handle problems such as XXXXXX.)"

"I think I'll talk to Dr. W before I proceed," I replied and hung up the phone. I called Dr. W's office to make sure they had the results of the radiology report from the CT scan, and had Dr. W had a chance to look over them yet? Apparently not, according to the receptionist, why did I ask?

"Because the results, according to Dr. L, show that there's something there that Dr. W needs to have a look at." Two hours later, after a discussion of the radiology report, I had an appointment booked for this coming Monday, after the normal appointment hours.


I did a little research on my own. Dr. L's nurse said that XXXXXX couldn't be the cause of the debilitating pain I've been experiencing.

Oh, really, Dr. L? Apparently, she hasn't checked the Mayo Clinic's website recently, which references almost every symptom I've exhibited as potential symptoms of the condition I appear to have.


The good news is, according to The Mayo Clinic website (I'm addicted, now) and the National Institutes of Health website (their statistics are kind of broad, so I don't trust them as much), that there are multiple treatment options. The bad news is that almost all of them require surgery of some sort, and most of the surgeries are pretty drastic and have long recovery times.

More bedrest ahead, it appears.


But at least there is (possibly) an end in sight for my current problems, so I can quit whining about them on my blog and get to feeling better so I can get back to the important things in life, like the imminent arrival of my niece, and working 8-hour days in the office, and providing my coworkers with stories of romantic entanglements that make them shake their heads and remark how lucky they are to be married.

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