Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Drumroll, Please!


I now have a sofa in my apartment! And it's orange! And it's GORGEOUS!

The upholsterer was 45 minutes late bringing the sofa, so he knocked $80 off the delivery charge. Hooray! Of course, he also didn't bring me the left-over fabric, so I have to call him tomorrow about that, because it's explicitly written on the work order, and I should have at least 2 yards left over. At least.

So I got my sofa, and I haven't even really had the time to sit on it. It was delivered, I scarfed down a couple of slices of pizza, and jetted back to the office. I'm about to take my laptop into the living room to sit down and revel in the joy and beauty that is my sofa.

Images for your viewing pleasure:

You know what this means, right? It means that now, I require an end table for the sofa. And new end tables for either side of the love seat (or just one, or maybe pull that round glass-topped one back out of the closet, since I retired it from the bedroom), and a couple of new lamps, because the turquoise one just isn't cutting it, anymore.

I have created my own monster. And oh, this monster is gonna be fun!

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