Monday, April 5, 2010

Couch Debacle Concluded! Almost...

I purchased a (used) sofa from Craigslist. After a month of trolling websites and checking out posts that promised me beautiful sofas but failed to deliver, I finally hit the jackpot when I read "Great reupholstery project: beautiful bones." This poster was speaking my language.

And oh, what a lovely language it was! I had finally found a sofa with the shape I've been craving but can't afford! And it came with a cash-strapped young couple who needed the space the sofa took up, which combined to form the perfect nexus of sofa bliss! A $99 sofa spectacular!

In desperate need of reupholstering.

Which led me to the Great Fabric Hunt of 2010. I promised my mom I'd have the sofa out of her garage ASAP (she can still park in the garage, it's just a little bit tight), so I had to find the fabric ASAP. I was thinking peacock blue velvet.

Do you have any idea how much the perfect peacock blue velvet costs? It costs $160 per yard. My sofa requires 20 yards of fabric to recover. I could recover the seat cushion, and that would be it.

With time running out, I asked my sister if she minded running to a couple of upholstery fabric stores in Houston on my mom's and my visit over Easter weekend (decorating in the StrainedConsciousness family is a collaborative effort), and she was more than happy to oblige.

Good-bye, Peacock blue. Hello, Shrimp.

Yes, Shrimp. That is, apparently, the color of the velvet I bought with which to upholster my sofa. Shrimp.

The sofa will eventually look kind of similar to the one pictured above in color and in shape, except mine will have a skirt. Why will mine have a skirt? Because that's one less place I have to dust.

Now, I just have to line up an upholsterer. I received a quote this morning from one upholsterer which was about $200 more than I was hoping to pay. I should receive another quote from a less expensive - but generally just as good - upholsterer tomorrow. Hopefully he'll be considerably cheaper than the competition.

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