Monday, March 29, 2010

Sofa Psychosis

I have no idea what I will do about a sofa. I found one on Craigslist that I lurve, but it will probably cost me around $1000 for the labor of having it reupholstered because it will require all new cushions. Then there's the fabric to be bought for the actual upholstering.

Granted, I also found a fabric I lurve for 80% off of retail price, but even at that outrageously discounted bargain deal, it will still put me $500 over my target (vastly increased) budget.



So I'm sort of back to square one, although I could always go for a different fabric, which is definitely an option. OR I can just sit tight and keep waiting and hunting and looking around and trawling consignment stores on weekends, hoping something acceptable, nay, amazing will show up.

Or I could always hope a load of Henredon sofas will fall off the back of a truck. Do you know anyone who could make that happen? Preferably one that looks like this?

In other news: after weeks and weeks and weeks and weeks - so I guess that's months - of migraines rendering me all but useless at work, I am hopefully getting somewhere in treatment. Apparently, I am a walking talking barometer, and when the atmospheric pressure falls - oops - I get a migraine! Isn't that neat?!?!?!

My neurologist has put me on some preventive medicine to help fight the migraines after a week in which I was migraine-free for only one day. The good news is, it has relatively few side-effects, so far. The bad news is, the noticeable side-effect is a big one for me.

You see, I used to start my mornings with a Dr. Pepper and a granola bar. It's just the way I kicked things off every day. No longer. Sodas taste awful. They go into your mouth tasting all flat, then hit the back of the tongue and taste carbonated, but bitter.

I shall soldier on, despite my lot in life. You hear that rhythmic noise? That's me, marching on. Yup.

Since Constant Comment hot tea made me feel absolutely terrible this morning (it was neither cold nor sweet, which I think are required of my first morning beverage), I've decided to try to start my mornings with a glass of diluted fruit juice. Finding juice to drink is somewhat difficult for me, seeing as I have some dietary restrictions where fruits are concerned. I managed to narrow it down to apple juice (they only had unsweetened blueberry juice at my Whole Paycheck). I will report on my findings In Re: satisfaction/dissatisfaction with this non-soda compromise.

If you're lucky and I remember, that is.

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