Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thanksgiving Only Comes Twice a Year

Yes, that's right: twice. Friday is a Thanksgiving lunch of tacos, margaritas, and beer, courtesy of That Guy Down The Hall who has organized it every year for the past 12 years. Sure, it cost me $10, but they're Fuel City tacos and unlimited alcohol! Or at least unlimited until the supply runs out.

The second Thanksgiving feast will occur on Thanksgiving and will involve people I actually know (rather than TGDTH and the other people he's invited) and much better food. Unlike TGDTH's feast, however, I will not have a chance of meeting "my future ex-husband," which was the carrot held out as a way of persuading this stubborn mule to join the office-building lunch when I balked at its $10 price-tag. Combined with Trivia on Tuesday night - which takes place at a bar and which my team won - and Happy Hour, along with the need for a few new articles of clothing, this week is turning out to be more expensive than I'd previously planned. And yes, I did actually need the garments.

Money, whine whine whine, money, whine whine whine. Every so often, I freak out a bit about money, although I'm in perfectly fine financial condition. And, yes, I could have just said, "No, I'll pass on the tacos and booze and eat stew, thank you."

But, you know, then I might not meet my future ex-husband.

What a horrible thing to say to a girl.

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