Sunday, November 1, 2009


I went out for Halloween, this year.

Last year, I stayed home, because I was tired and stressed and I just felt like being a contrarian when all my friends kept saying, "But you can come out with us! We're going to ." I smiled, thanked them, and spent the evening in my apartment drinking wine and resting. It was awesome.

Halloween 2009 was also awesome. I started the evening at a friend of a friend's house party, and wound up at the Slip Inn, to which I hadn't been in 10 months. I used to be something of a regular fixture at the Slip Inn, but then I guess I got old, so I stopped going as frequently. Also, my favorite bouncer left. Why go to a dance club if you can't flirt with your favorite bouncer? Really, there's absolutely no reason, right?

I was a tornado for Halloween. Yes, a tornado. That meant altering a cheap old black strapless dress by sewing a bunch of black tulle to it in big poufy swirls, then sewing plastic cars and farm animals onto the tulle. I wore black lipstick, crazy silver and black eyeshadow, and 5" black heels. Because all tornadoes wear stilettos. It's a requirement if your tornadic self ever wants to pass F2 on the Fujita Tornado Intensity Scale. I think I made it to F4.

The evening was fun, except for a blip of drama by one of the girls we went out with. I don't do girl-drama. I can be dramatic, yes. I can emote with the best of 'em. But I don't do drama. I mean the kind where everyone in the group wants to go somewhere else, and one girl wants to stay because she really likes a guy who's currently making out with another girl at the bar type of drama. Seriously, four people aren't having fun, so we should all stay where you want to stay because you're delusional?

We ended up at the Slip Inn after about 30 minutes of drama, where I had a fellow ask me if he could be in the eye of my storm. I was slightly horrified, but also kind of amused, because it was by far the most creative pick-up line I'd heard all evening.

I think the horrifying outweighs the creative though.

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