Monday, December 17, 2012

High Heeled Pain in the... Foot

Back in the day, I wore high heels to work every day.

"The day" was in 2007-2008, in case you didn't know.

So, like I said: high heels every day.

At the time, I refused to wear any heel lower than 3-inches, because lower heels were for LOSERS and people with stiff hips.

Then, I worked for Oldsmobile for a time, and I rarely wore heels because of impromptu visits to the construction site, etc. My collection of 4-5 inch heels languished in my closet during this time, getting dusty and going out of style.

Okay, not really, because I'm me, and I store shoes in clear plastic boxes so they won't get dusty, and I tend to buy pretty classic silhouettes, so there's that.

I have a quasi-job-interview on this upcoming Wednesday, and none of the heels in my closet were:
a) appropriate
b) appropriate
c) fitting (as in, they fall off when I walk, for some unknown reason).

I took myself to DSW to see if I could find some replacements.

Nope. All open-toe or stripper platforms, or some combination thereof. The only decent ones I saw had low heels, in the 2-inch heel height range.
Stripper platforms

So then I went to Nordstrom, and I found a pair of heels that I tried on. They were a stunning 4-inch heel, black patent leather with an asymmetrical vamp that would make you cry tears of joy.

They didn't fit.


The shoe salesman then brought me another pair, with a lower 3-inch heel, and more padding on the foot-bed. They were better, but still not great, even with all of the padding. Also, they were not patent leather, and I wanted patent leather, gosh-darnit.

A third pair was trotted out. I'd seen them when I was wandering around, but they had a measly little 2-inch heel on them, and I couldn't bring myself to ask the salesman to bring them out. But he did, anyways, and so I put them on with those little footlet things that are just cheap pantyhose with a staple at one end.

They were the most amazingly comfortable shoes I've ever worn in my life. Okay, no, that's not true, but they beat the heck out of the 4-inch heels.

I laughed as I told the salesman I'd take them. "I guess I can't hack it in 4-inch heels, anymore."

So, yeah.

I turned 30 back in October, but I didn't really feel 30.

Until yesterday, that is. And now I totally feel 30.

Time to get a couple of yappy dogs and a subscription to Martha Stewart Living, I guess.

Oh, wait. I already subscribe to Living.


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