Friday, January 14, 2011

Like a Thirteen Year Old

I have not worn foundation (a.k.a. "wet makeup") for a few months, now. I used to use Clinique foundation, until I became hyper-vigilant about my sunscreen and became even paler than I used to be.

I know. I didn't think it was possible, either.

So the lightest shade of makeup manufactured by Clinique was too dark for my porcelain skin. Bear in mind, I'm not the one who originally called my skin "porcelain." No, that comment was first made by a fellow in my sophomore drawing class when he drank a little too much of The Champagne of Beers at a party and started hitting on me.

He failed studio, and I never saw him again, which was a good thing because he also brought to my party - in addition to a 40 of High Life - his 14 year old cousin.

Ahem. Cousin got Coke instead of beer, and the poor kid was scared out of his mind.

Back to make-up!

Sorry, I lost my thread.

So, I have looked and looked for the past few months for a make-up company that manufactures hypoallergenic make-up that either doesn't have sunscreen in it, or that uses all natural ingredients for its sunscreen.

It ain't easy, folks. Almost every hypoallergenic makeup out there includes Parsol 109234798375 in its ingredients, and I'm allergic to Parsol 0934859873428. It makes my skin burn and, eventually, break out in a rash.

After much research, I finally discovered that Fresh Cosmetics manufactures their make-up with all natural ingredients, and their sunscreen is provided by iron oxide and titanium oxide.


I went to their store at Northpark, today and a wonderful makeup artist named Jacob made me absolutely gorgeous.

Yes, I still look like myself. And I still look fresh-faced and glowing, and as if I'm not even wearing foundation (instead of the Noh mask look that Clinique gave me).

I look, as one of his assistants kindly said, like I have the glowing skin of a thirteen year old. And she's kind of right.

I also bought some blush (woohoo!) and a toner/moisturizer/makeup remover. I don't usually use these, but I'll be danged if the stuff didn't make me look uh-mazing even without the makeup.

I glowed. Like a thirteen year old.

I like to think I have better fashion sense than my thirteen year old self, though.

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