Sunday, August 29, 2010

Pacman the Slave Driver

My 1/2-day in the office, 1/2-day at home arrangement is working well, right now. After next week, I hope to be back full-time.

As it it, I worked more hours this week than anyone expected, including Pacman. I offered on Friday to come in Saturday to help him meet a deadline, and he accepted. I showed up a little bit later than planned, but I stayed later than he did, too, to make up for it. Four hours in the office on Saturday is considered downright abusive in our office, where it's A-OK to not work a full 40 hour week: as long as it's somewhere between 35 and 40, you're golden.

And then, Sunday, I showed up to work more overtime without telling him. He was very surprised (even more so, since I looked nicer than I did on Saturday. I pre-gamed by having brunch with the parents).

I took work home with me, too, and completed about an hour of it, once you discount the internet surfing that occurred. Regardless, I finished what I needed to do, so we're that much closer to Issue for Permit set of construction drawings Monday.

After feeling useless and like a drain on the company's resources (hello, insurance, how are you? No, no, I'm not working, this month, I'm lying in bed, scratching Major Tom, and eating ice cream... but it's all because of the chair, so whatever) I feel like I redeemed myself a bit.

Added bonus: This good posture thing is habit-forming. I find myself standing up straighter all the time, even at the grocery store, which makes me feel much more confident. Like I need more confidence. Seriously. Next thing you know, I'll have to get my skull trepanned lest the size of my ego cause a pressure build-up leading to brain damage.

Just one more medical adventure to look forward to!

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