Thursday, February 18, 2010

So Many Interiors...

One of the bonuses/downsides to working in the architectural profession - specifically, as the go-to gal for interior detailing in our office - is the constant exposure to absolutelygorgeousohmygodIwantthat interior design ideas. It is perfectly acceptable for me to look at interior design blogs and architecture websites for a full 30 minutes per day, since those blogs typically help inform my interior details.

That's the bonus to working at my firm.

The downside is that it makes me constantly want to do things to my own personal living space. A few weeks ago, I went crazy at Container Store again and bought Elfa shelving for my coat closet because I was kind of overwhelmed with art projects. Ever since then, I keep seeing these amazing renovations and design ideas on sites like and and, and it's driving me bonkers, because I'm trying really hard to be a fiscally responsible little girl and am attempting to portion out my discretionary spending.

So now I want to re-arrange the furniture in my apartment but 1) I have BIG furniture - and it's heavy- and 2) there's not a whole lot of other ways to arrange my apartment, as things stand. About every other day, I crack open the SketchUp! program and rearrange my furniture and sigh heavily and imagine the possibilities of maybe moving that bookshelf into my bedroom. And then I remember what a royal pain it was getting it set up and in the living room in the first place and I mentally throw up my hands.

Almost makes me wish I didn't have quite so much furniture around the place... but at least I don't have as much as this guy:

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